hosts a large number of citizen science projects, in which members of the public can contribute to scientific research by interpreting data.

Zooniverse is home to the Internet’s largest, most popular and most successful citizen science projects. Citizen science projects rely on public contribution to analyse large amounts of data, impossible for one person or a group of researchers to tackle alone. Volunteers receive as little as ten minutes of training for their project of interest and can begin contributing without any previous subject-specific knowledge. Projects range from classifying  galaxies from telescope images, to transcribing fragmentary Greek papyri. This crowdsourcing method has been used by disciplines as diverse as astronomy, ecology, cell biology, climate science and the humanities.

Zooniverse originated from the Galaxy Zoo project in 2007 and is maintained and developed by the Citizen Science Alliance. The member institutions of the CSA work with many academics and partners around the world to produce projects that use the efforts and abilities of volunteers to help scientists and researchers tackle the flood of data that confronts them.


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