a collection of free educational resources about the Anglo-Saxon period, as well as Old English literature and language.

The Woruldhord project provides a collection of freely reusable educational resources for studying and teaching the period of English history centred on the Anglo-Saxons and the literature and language of Old English. This equates to a period of history roughly covering the mid-5th century until the 11th century.

“Woruldhold” is an Old English word meaning, literally, “world-hoard”, and all the website’s material was contributed by members of the public, museums, libraries, academics, teachers or societies. The archive contains photographs, documents, presentations, databases and teaching material, covering objects, archaeological sites, poems and prose writings. In total the website holds around 4,500 digital objects contributed by about 400 people and institutions. Anything in Woruldhord can be freely used for educational purposes under a Creative Commons Licence.



Learn about Anglo-Saxon Daily Life through artifacts from the collection.

License Type: Creative Commons
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