Treasures of the Bodleian

provides a look at the rarest, most important and most evocative objects in the Bodleian Library.

When Sir Thomas Bodley re-founded the university library at the beginning of the 17th century, he asked that a cabinet be reserved for items that were “most singular and rare”. TheTreasures of the Bodleianwebsite offers a glimpse into some of these treasures, through scans of original manuscripts, maps and illuminated rolls, including a leaf papyrus codex of The Gospel of St. Thomas, some original illustrations by J.R.R Tolkienand The Selden Map of China.

Visitors have the opportunity to watch videos and listen to podcasts about these treasures,  and to contribute to future exhibitions by sharing their definition of a “treasure”. All the treasures are openly accessible to the public in their digitised forms.



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