offers information, training resources and advice on building and running community collections of digital objects online.

RunCoCo is part of the Community Collections and Crowdsourcing Service based at the University of Oxford.  It offers training and coaching to those interested in running a community collection such as Oxford’s  The Great War Archive, the First World War Poetry Digital Archive and Europeana (1914-1918). These are online archives that rely on public collaboration and source a large amount of their material by running community events to collect and digitise artefacts from the general public. Some materials from past events are available online and visitors can also  explore a set of ready-made training and support packages that can be tailored to fit different contexts and communities. Open resources include presentations, handouts, links and recordings from workshops, training sessions and courses.

RunCoCo can develop a programme or event to fit a specific cause or group and offers workshops on a range of topics, such as community collections, crowdsourcing, creating and using digital resources, social media and open educational resources.

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