Oxford Open Science Podcasts

explores the impact and value of opening up science and discusses the ways in which this could revolutionise how science is done.

The Open Science Podcast Seriesconsiders the impact of opening up science: allowing both the research community and the public to freely access the results of scientific work. Individuals can be fully informed about medical or environmental research, students worldwide can get access to the latest work and software agents can roam the vast scientific knowledge base seeking patterns and correlations that no human has observed. Ultimately, it may profoundly change the way science is done. The series consists of podcasts from The Evolution of Science: Open Publishing Debate 2012 and Rigour and Openness in 21st-Century Science, 2013.

The series is also a great example of a how Oxford University’s podcast site can be used to broadcast lectures and talks. As well as releasing a large number of its lectures openly, the site also releasing an increasing number of these series under Creative Commons to allow use for educational purposes.


Watch the Rigour and Openness in 21st Century Science Keynote speech!

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