The Open Science Training Initiative

couples a rotation-based teaching pattern with workshops and lectures to convert existing subject-specific courses to also deliver training in reproducibility and open science.

The Open Science Training Initiative (OSTI) is a dynamic new educational scheme at the University of Oxford, suitable for theoretical, computational or experimental students. It aims to address the problem of reproducibility in modern scientific research by training upcoming young researchers in the integrated use of concepts and techniques, including digital awareness, data management, version control systems and the role of the publisher.

The website offers free access to a programme of micro-lectures and exercises that can fit around an existing subject-specific training course in an academic environment. The pilot scheme for the initiative took place at the University of Oxford's Doctoral Training Centres for Systems Biology, Life Sciences and the Industrial Doctorate in January 2013: content, slides and advice sheets for the lectures and workshops are available on a GitHub repository and are periodically updated. All OSTI materials are released under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence, allowing you to use, reuse, and/or remix the materials as you see fit.


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