Open Continuing Education

a gateway to the open educational resources created or selected by tutors at Oxford’s Department for Continuing Education.

Open ContEd is the initial pilot site for the Sesame project, which is aiming to produce a rich and sustainable source of educational resources from the work of the University of Oxford Department for Continuing Education'sweekly class programme. It offers individual resources as well as entire courses, which compiled a number of resources that allow users to work through a whole topic. Topics range from Formal Logic and Critical Reasoning to Roman Emperors and Composing Music, covering disciplines as wide as Archaeology and Computer Science.

Many of Open ContEd’s resources are released as open educational resources that can be used by adult learners and their tutors globally. Courses available on the site include Introduction to Ethics, Philosophy of Art, Islamic Mystical Poetry and Introduction to Geological Science. The Department of Continuing Education also releases series of podcasts on the University of Oxford Podcasts site.  


Watch Podcast Series by the Department for Continuing Education:

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