Mobile Oxford

gives students on-the-go mobile access to Weblearn, podcasts, library searches, transport information and more.

Mobile Oxford provides a central location from which you can access a variety of online facilities that students are likely to need in their day-to-day lives. These include things like Weblearn, library searches, transport information and weather forecasts, as well as information on local events and advice on personal safety in Oxford. The website has been designed to be easily accessible on mobile devices, and the free app can be downloaded from Google Play or the iTunes App Store.

While Mobile Oxford is probably only useful to niche audience, it is a good example of how the university is using Open Source Code to enhance the learning, research and day-to-day lives of its students. Mobile Oxford was developed from Molly Online Mobile Portal, an award-winning open source software toolkit that helps developers rapidly create advanced mobile portals for any institution, that allows its students easy access to the University’s resources and services.


License Type: FOSS
Media Types: Software
Subject Area: Other