Introduction to Course Design

a source of ideas, examples and tutorials about how new technologies can be integrated when designing academic courses.

Introduction To Course Design explains a selection of different ways in which technology has been used in courses offered by the University of Oxford. It is intended to be a source of ideas for those about to design a new course or redesigning an existing one, whether at Oxford or elsewhere.

The tutorials instruct users on things like how to incorporate technology into a new course, how create resources and integrate them into the course, or how to design activities that are useful for learning. These can be both individual or collaborative activities. It also explains how to best incorporate technologies like audio and video podcasts, or how Google Maps can be useful to certain courses and how to get students started on these courses. All these resources are released openly under Creative Commons, for non-commercial use.


Explore an interactive map, text and video lesson of Viking presence in a modern-day town.

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