Great Writers Inspire

is a collection of freely available resources centred around the world’s greatest writers, designed to inspire and engage with students and learners.

Great Writers Inspire contains lectures, eBooks, contextual essays, a blog, podcasts and interview-format discussions about contemporary and historical great writers. Topics range from in-depth studies of particular plays to talks that ask why we should study the canon writers, from feminist approaches to literature to questions about what literature really is. There are thousands of individual items, as well as curated thematic and historical collections to help students research and interrogate their literary ideas. Featured writers like Virginia Woolf, Charles Dickens and Charlotte Bronte are discussed in depth.

The collection is aimed at teachers, lifelong learners and students in sixth-form or university, and all the resources are available for use by individuals and teachers under a Creative Commons licence. Resources could be included in course packs, browsed for Extended Project work, used in preparation for university study, or set as additional reading around specific central texts.


Explore Feminist Approaches to Literature including Audio, Video, eBooks, Essays and Pictures!

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