FreeSpeech Debate

a platform for learning about, discussing and promoting free expression and global debate.

At the heart of Free Speech Debate are ten draft principles for global free expressions, developed through discussions with speech experts, lawyers, political theorists, theologians, philosophers, activists and journalists from across the world.  The principles have been revised by the team of current Oxford graduate students, including native speakers of all the 13 major languages in which the site’s editorial content appears. Each principle is accompanied by explanatory essays, examples, links, points for discussion and case studies based on real life experiences from around the world. The site aims to encourage debate and discussion, and invites viewers to share their own opinions on the ten principles and on its other content. It offers video debates, talks and a large number of articles addressing current events from the perspective of free speech.

The Free Speech Debate is founded on the belief that making content freely available for non-commercial purposes is an integral part of promoting a global debate on free expression. This project suggests the best way to achieve this online is through a Creative Commons licence, developed as a way of maximising the free expression possibilities of the internet.


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