DH Crowdscribe

runs workshops and training events to demonstrate the ways crowdsourcing can be used in humanities research, particularly through an interdisciplinary approach.

DH Crowdscribe is an online hub promoting interdisciplinary engagement in the digital humanities, and in particular the ways in which crowdsourcing can improve research. It is supported by a number of targeted workshops and training events, and aims to demonstrate some of the creative and exciting opportunities available in Digital Humanities to doctoral or early career researchers.

Podcasts from workshops and events will be made available on the site. Check out and contribute to DH Crowdscribe’s first case study, affiliated with the dhAHRC project, Crowdmap the Crusades. DH Crowdscribe is the online site for the output of the AHRC-funded Collaborative Skills Project, Promoting Interdisciplinary Engagement in the Digital Humanities (#dhAHRC).


Emma Goodwin introduces DH Crowdscribe. Watch the full interview on the Wall of Faces.

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