Behaviour Composer

a web-based tool designed to support teachers, learners and researchers to build, share and discuss agent-based computer models.

Designed at Oxford University as part of the Modelling4All Project, Behaviour Composer allows people with little or no coding experience to build and share computer models that explore the behaviour of complex systems. This means users are free to focus their time and effort on honing the model itself, rather than on learning the intricacies of the programming language needed to express it. Through Behaviour Composer, models, micro-behaviours, lesson plans, tutorials and other supporting material can be shared, discussed, reviewed, rated and tagged.

Agent-based modelling is a key technique in many academic disciplines, including ecology, economics and sociology. It involves simulating the actions and interactions of autonomous agents, in order to learn more about the entities involved and to test the assumptions used to set up the model.


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