The Ashmolean Museum’s Online Collections

give visitors access to tens of thousands of images from a variety of collections across the Museum.

The Ashmolean Museum’s Online Collections allow visitors to browse images of artefacts from a number of its historic collections. These include the Allen Aerial Photographs Collection, the Painting Collection, the Ceramic Collection and the Silver Collection.

One of the Ashmolean’s most high-quality digital collections is Eastern Art Online.  Funded by Yousef Jameel, the collection provides engaging ways to explore the Ashmolean's art from the Islamic Middle East, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India and the Himalayas.There are 35 highlights to see, 23 exhibitions to discover, 15 galleries to visit, 12 collection trails to follow, 19 publications to explore and over 10,500 objects to browse or search.


In this short segment, Aruna Bhaugeerutty introduces the Ashmolean's Online Collections. Watch the full interview on the Wall of Faces.


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